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I have great pleasure to have Ms Anna as my exercise physiologist for 20 - 25 sessions some time ago. I have lost almost 18 kg over a period of 5 months under her as part of a weight loss program.

Not only does she has great personality, she is patient, meticulous and is always been quick to correct any wrong postures during resistance exercises. In addition, Anna had to come up with customized exercises and stretching as my old injuries flared up in the beginning of the training. But she never lost faith and kept encouraging me to train progressively without pushing to the absolute limits. Every session is tiring but fun. I found myself looking forward to the next session and would asked her what to expect for the next session.

The physical training and exercises that she came up with were structured progressively and I was able to keep up, enjoy the exercises and also learnt new things that remain relevant till today. Thanks to her encouragement, I have managed to adopt a healthy active lifestyle now. And yes, I still consult her on training tips and she is helpful as always.

Highly recommended! Thanks Anna!


I owe Anna a big thank you! Her training regime is benefitting me and I am continuously following her coaching to prevent future reoccurrence of my injury. 

I came to her with plantar fasciitis on my right heel - an inflammation with acute pain. It has impeded me from running/walking long distance and every morning I would experience a sharp pain on my right heel (common symptoms). Consultation with general doctor would be with advise to do stretching as per what you can find online and pain killers. Caution received from doctor was that if it continues on, I might have to get surgery. 

The recommendation to start seeing Anna to better my condition was most critical. I was skeptical and had taught that I would just live with this pain. 

The first two session with her was to get me aware on how I am worsening the pain and the counter measures to take. She took the time to understand my habits and 'prescribed' stretches and strength training to stop me from worsening my condition. By the third session, I had more mobility and was able to progress to corrective exercises. She noticed my gait and balances needed some work and got me to work on intentional muscle engaging exercises. This involved balancing, strength training for my calves and ankle. This was where I could start slow jogging again. I was taught the limits that I could push and when to stop. Fast forwarding to my 6th session, I am doing hip strengthening exercise as she has noticed my previous injury comes from my weaker right hip muscle, where my right leg tends to collapse inwards to compensate (mind blown right here). I had more confidence in preventing future injuries if I follow through her regime. 

Undoubtedly, my ability to jog continuously for 30 mins and recently trek up Bukit Timah Hill, from when walking around Ion Mall for an hour would have required me to take a cab home to rest my heel from the pain, is testimony to her expertise and this program's benefit. Hope this will be available for others to take upon to better their physical health.

Right from the first session, Anna work closely with the dietitian and did nothing but try to understand my body, my health condition. My health condition is not exactly the simplest nor clean, with grave's disease and borderline hypertension (just detected by Anna yesterday). I was impressed by how Anna could pick my body condition(s) just from the way my body moves and feels - this, I never knew could be done through our naked eyes. This to me, could only be done with high professionals and deep technical depth. 

After confirming my new found condition, Anna and the dietitian jumped in together instantly to combine their individual expertise and explain them to me, provide the necessary guidance and the precautions needed. This to me was going the extra mile from their passion and care towards every individual, to do their best to ensure that I know what I need to know. 

I am very grateful for their care and concern towards their patient and awed by their camaraderie of working together to ensure I am / will be OK. I will love to have them coaching me again for a while to get my health back on track. 


Anna has been my principal Exercise Physiologist since January 2019 and I have been working with her to improve on my weight and overall health. She understands how challenging for an overweight person to overcome weight-related issues through vigorous exercise.  Back then,  I was struggling with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.


With Anna’s help, she has recommended several exercise programmes. It has certainly helped to improve and manage my weight and physical health issues.  All these exercises have helped to shed off fats quickly and safely. Until today, I am still managing my weight well through the use of proper techniques taught by Anna.


Anna has excellent knowledge of physiology. She believes in proper teaching technique and functional strength training to prevent the recurrence of injuries. I have certainly benefited through Anna’s teaching and I have no hesitation in recommending Anna to my friends and relatives who are interested to improve their level of fitness and health.

I used to have bouts of sports related injuries due to lack of knowledge to train correctly and every injury forced me to stop exercise for months and hindered my training progress.

When I had plantar fasciitis, the physiotherapist recommended I start rehabilitation training with Miss Anna Tong.  With the training programme Anna customised for me, that was the first time I could continue to exercise even though the plantar fasciitis took some time to heal.

As I frequently accompanied my 87 year old father to an elderly care centre for rehabilitation, I also realised the importance of being able to manage pain and injury and receive the correct physical training to build resilience to age-related frailty.


Once in a while, I still have minor issues with pain but I am glad that Anna understood the problem and generously imparted her knowledge to help me overcome them by applying the correct techniques in the physical training.

Anna has also been very supportive and her kind words of encouragement gave me the confidence to keep up with the exercises.  Throughout this journey, I have benefited greatly from her expertise in exercise physiology and gained much progress in stamina and strength which I never thought I could achieve.

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