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We understand that everyone has different goals and needs.

Some may wish to enhance their sports performance, while some may look at weight management, or returning to sport participation from an injury.


We want to be fit enough to embrace the day without naggy ache/ pain.


Whatever your goal is, LOAD offers solutions from a multidisciplinary approach to help you achieve it.


Here’s a guide of what we do and the respective professional(s) that may be involved in the process.

  • Tests available:
    - Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR)
    - VO2max test
    - Lactate threshold test
    - Running economy test
    - Running gait video analysis
    - Movement screening test
    - Body composition (via skinfold method)

1. Exercise performance tests

Feel like you have reached a plateau but you don’t know what is limiting you? Exercise performance tests provide an insight into our physical, cardiorespiratory and metabolic function to give you a benchmark of your current fitness and to ensure we are on the right track with our training program. To maximize your performance, optimize your training with scientific data, don’t leave it to chance.


2. Strength and conditioning

Improve your sports performance by enhancing your physical capacities such as sports specific strength, speed, muscular endurance, aerobic power, agility, stability, and mobility.


3. Prehabilitation

Prehab, also known as ‘preventative rehab’, is a proactive approach to prevent injury. By identifying and correcting muscular imbalances and weaknesses that lead to movement compensation, we can potentially reduce the risk of injury and avoid pain. 


4. Exercise rehabilitation

Injury can be frustrating and debilitating.

We help to restore the functional ability and quality of life of those who sustain acute or chronic injuries through physical treatments, exercise therapy, and management strategies.


5. Chronic disease prevention and management

Chronic diseases are medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoarthritis, stroke, obesity, asthma and etc. We adopt an integrated care approach to prevent and manage conditions through patient education, exercise-counselling strategies, exercise prescription, and medical nutrition therapy.


6. Weight management

By assessing lifestyle behaviours, including physical activity patterns, eating habits, stress levels, and readiness to exercise, we help you to achieve and maintain good health through individualized exercise programs and management strategies.

7. Dietetic and nutrition consultation

Diet and nutrition play an essential role in our health and performance. By assessing your nutritional status, we develop individualized nutrition care plans based on your medical conditions, nutritional goals, and preferences.

8. Treatment and management of the foot and ankle

Having good foot health is essential for an active life. From identifying, treating and managing foot and ankle injuries and conditions caused by chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, the podiatrist carried out a range of non-surgical interventions, for instance, shoe insoles/orthotics and tailored footwear advice. The podiatrist is also here to provide support in the recovery and rehabilitation process of the lower limbs.


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